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Kevin Kraft Narrates

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Broadway vet Kevin Kraft is originally from the Washington D.C. area.  After receiving a BFA in Acting from USC in Los Angeles, he moved to New York when he was cast in a Broadway show.  Kevin has worked in the theatre both on and Off-Broadway (as well as regionally & internationally) acting, singing, occasionally dancing passably and juggling (yes, juggling).  

On screen Kevin has appeared on the Late Show (with David Letterman), Late Night (with Conan O'Brien) and Later (with Greg Kinnear), "Ed" and the feature film "The Nanny Diaries".   Kevin appeared in national commercials for notables such as McDonalds and JC Penny.  Kevin studied Audiobook Narration with Paul Ruben.

Kevin is currently raising a family with his wife, Holly, in Maplewood NJ, where he has a studio with a raised floor isolation booth (click for spec sheet).  Kevin has narrated for three NY Times Best Selling authors, voiced a New York Times Best Selling Book, and was the signature voice in 8 books of "The Detective Green Mystery" series that twice won the Arthur Ellis Award. 

In his spare time, Kevin runs marathons and triathlons, writes for the  "Fitness Tips" Blog, composes music and plays with photography.  

Some nice things that people said about Kevin are below:

Kevin is "a joy to work with...a team player."

                            - Matt Crawford, Contract Editor for

"Kevin’s accessible personality makes him easy to communicate with... I’ve been editing audiobooks with ListenUp Productions for a few years now, and few narrators put forth the effort and consideration that Mr. Kraft has shown. I believe his methods are some of the most attentive I have seen, and he would be a great asset to any audiobook production company.  

                                        - Nicholas Burbach - Editor for

"I was a contract editor at Audible...I was paired up with the narrator Kevin Kraft.   Kevin is an easy guy to work with and a tremendous talent. He is extremely responsive to direction – both technical and creative – and always looking to improve...He does his homework, keeping an updated pronunciation guideline at his sides while moving through novels featuring up to 70 characters and many arcane names and personalities. His work was easy to edit and of a consistently high caliber.

I’ve also been impressed by how personally he takes his work and his commitments to his clients. Hurricane Sandy wrecked our team early on, pulling Kevin away from the booth to deal with a destroyed car, a displaced family and intermittent power outages. It was a frustrating time for both of us, but his spirit never flagged. I’d constantly find him working extremely late nights and early mornings during the absolute heart of the aftermath to try to get us back on track.

He’s an incredibly hard worker...and there’s no doubt in my mind that he’d be an amazing asset."

                                        - Luca Fusi, Contract Editor for

"All 9 books in the Inspector Green series have been converted to audiobooks. My narrator was an American named Kevin Kraft...He had to take a crash course in French names, French phrases, Yiddish, and many other names from around the globe that routinely show up in a cosmopolitan city like Ottawa. From Zdeno Chara to Nadif and Marija to Romeo Dallaire; he checked them all.

Kevin researched extensively on the web to try to find either phonetic renderings or audio recordings of the words. To be thorough, he usually found at least two sources, which were often contradictory...I appreciated his thoroughness...

Each word had to be dissected so that words like Majdanek would be correct. Kevin could hear differences in sound too minute for my own ear, but he wanted to be just right. Like a writer, it had to be good enough for himself first.

I truly appreciated the care and respect with which he treated my work.

                                                - from a writers blog entry by the author, Barbara Fradkin


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"Kevin Kraft is an experienced stage and screen actor whose voice captures both the highs and lows of both racing and romance..."


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"I loved it!  It was amazing to hear how well you could add atmosphere to the

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